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Employee Testimonials

"I'm delighted that my skills and education are applicable to all the work I do at Acumen."

- Nick Bryant, Senior Accountant


"Working at Acumen is a positive, nurturing environment that has helped me to develop and grow, both professionally and personally.  There is also a very supportive management team - I have been at a lot of jobs where I had no backing from management and never felt my voice was heard.  I am part of the team here."

- Kristy Johnson, Office Manager


"There is trust - I like the fact that I don't constantly have someone over my head watching me.  I feel like everyone thinks I'm smart and can do my tasks.  And the work environment is enjoyable.  I like being around pleasant people and couldn't imagine disliking my coworkers and still being able to work everyday."

- Cynthia Nagata, Supervisor